Born in Torino (Italy) to Dada and Maurizio Ciollaro, Mattia is the youngest of their 1 children.

His birth date, Sep. 20th 1988, suggests that Dada and Maurizio started producing the hardware somewhere around the end-of-the-year holidays of 1987. It is believed that a particularly favorable Billboard hot 100 singles and a strong interest in Tequila greatly facilitated the assembly of the main components.

Alpha version

Towards 2007, the OS is installed and booting completes. Mattia begins his studies in Statistics.

First sources are successfully compiled: in 2010, Mattia obtains a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics at the University of Torino.

Beta version

Logs look good and no system crashes are registered up to this point. Mattia is admitted to the Allievi Program of the Collegio Carlo Alberto.

From the Collegio, he receives an Allievo Diploma (2010) and a Master in Statistics and Applied Mathematics (2012). In 2012, he also receives a Master’s degree in Statistics from the University of Torino.

Hic sunt leones

Mattia graduates from the Collegio and decides to venture into uncharted territories on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. His new quest begins at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA).

Programming languages

In 2015, Beckie and Mattia meet. It’s love. Coding standards are revised and English becomes the primary programming language for the project.

First official release

During his stay in Pittsburgh, Mattia collects enough evidence to conclude that:

  1. Getting rid of his Italian accent is a lost cause.

  2. But that’s OK, English is not the spoken language in the area anyway

  3. The locals will not agree to adopt the metric system.

In 2016, Mattia is awarded a PhD in Statistics.

How do you like them apples?

In the summer of 2016, Beckie and Mattia leave Pittsburgh and move to the Big Apple. Still no signs of the metric system.

Deployment into the production environment

Mattia joins the Analytics division of New York Life Insurance, where he collaborates on a project to develop and implement a new generation of survival models. At New York Life, Mattia also works with other teams to support the evaluation of new underwriting procedures.

Mattia’s next gig is at Spreemo Health, now Covera Health. At Spreemo, his focus is on the estimation of error rates in diagnostic imaging exams and on the design of meaningful quality scores to distinguish accurate diagnostic imaging providers from less accurate ones.

Major upgrades

Mattia issues a pull request to Beckie. It appears that there are no conflicts and a short code review Beckie approves it. The merge is successful: Beckie and Mattia get married in November 2017 (and then again in June 2018!).

Forward to the origin

Some speculate that it was the severe lack of pierogies in the stereotypical NYC diet that pushed Mattia to return with Beckie to the Burgh.

It is in August 2018 that Beckie and Mattia move back to Pittsburgh. Mattia joins the local Amazon’s Alexa Speech team and begins working on projects surrounding Alexa’s Automatic Speech Recognition capabilities.

Current version

Mattia is under active development. Get in touch if you want to check out the bleeding edge.